PMichael LaPlante gives back to his alma mater with encouraging messages for the future

Michael LaPlante

Michael LaPlante, Vice President of Technology

Proforma, the $600 million technology and business success leader, recognizes the outstanding contributions Michael LaPlante, Vice President of Technology, delivered to a new generation of technology students in pursuit of their dreams at Full Sail University, a Florida Association Postsecondary Schools and College “School/College of the Year” honoree.

Full Sail University recently hosted a “Behind the Scenes” tour featuring a panel of graduates that share expertise and produce noteworthy contributions in their respective industries. Further, LaPlante presented a well-rounded and executive overview of the technology world, through a description of his role at Proforma managing the development of exclusive in-house software development projects.

“It is a special thing to be able to influence students who are currently sitting where I used to be,” explained Michael LaPlante, Vice President of Technology. “I hope that by hearing about all the accomplishments we have achieved at Proforma and learning about the immense opportunities out there for them, the technologists of tomorrow will be inspired to keep moving forward.”

LaPlante participated in more than 5 panels all touching on the various fields Full Sail University offers and he has served on the Full Sail University Advisory Committee since 2018. LaPlante’s role in these panels is to further develop students intrigued by technology while remarking on his own experiences and accomplishments during his time at Proforma.

“Michael LaPlante’s leadership has been invaluable in delivering technology that is seamless, automated, and integrated,” noted Steve Flaughers, a member of Proforma’s $5 Million Club. “Proforma’s technology talent continues to create industry-leading tools and resources that drive our businesses to the next levels in sales and efficiencies.”

“We at Proforma know that students are our future,” explained Kathy Mayo, Director of Human Resources. “As an employer of choice in the Tampa market, we wish to arm them with the knowledge to follow their passions and find successful opportunities wherever that may be.”

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