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Proforma M&A Success Stories
Bill Neuhoff, Seller of YNOA Advertising
When entrepreneurs sell a business that they have built from scratch, financial and emotional baggage can get in the way of a smooth and satisfying saleÖ Proforma made sure that we understood the path that the sale would take and coached us along the path to a very successful and satisfying completion.

Money was handled as per our understanding with no ripples of discontent from buyer or seller. Our employees were well versed and coached through the transition, which gave the Proforma Owner almost total employee retention and translated to zero business interruptions.

Kathy McClure, Seller of LaMar Printing, Inc.
After 25 years as a commercial printing company, we were ready to get out of the production business and devote our time to selling. Running production, selling and managing a business is a tough combination to do well.

It is so refreshing to be aligned with a corporate structure that has all the processes in place Ė billing, payables, vendor qualification and lead generation. I can draw on my background in business to know how to get the job done, while giving my clients the satisfaction of knowing they are getting great quality, exemplary service and fair pricing. And best of all, I can sleep at night!

Jim Cocca, Seller of Lightning Graphics
I owned and ran a Quick Print small commercial print shop for 23 years before merging with Proforma. My merging, I freed myself from the daily routines of running all aspects of a small business, from production scheduling, HR, sales management and payroll.

Now I can devote my time and energy to selling more products to my established customers. I have time to prospect for new customers and sell a much broader range of products than ever before, from commercial printing to promotional products.

A small commercial printer is limited in the products he can produce by the high cost of new technology. Proforma provides a vast network of suppliers with all the latest technological advances available, enabling us to sell virtually any product at profit margins that a small printer canít match. Iím actually making money on the products I sell now! I would recommend merging an existing print business with Proforma without hesitation.

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"I Want to Sell My Business"

A good business exit strategy is just as important to you as a growth plan. Deciding when and why to sell your business can change over time and with circumstances such as:

  • Retirement
  • Relocation
  • Financial
  • 'Burn out'
  • Change in lifestyle
  • Proforma Mergers & Acquisitions

    Who can you trust to take care of your customers with whom youíve spent years developing relationships? Successfully balancing your needs with your customers' concerns takes time and planning. How you sell your company should not be left up to chance or circumstance.

    Trust Proforma's Mergers and Acquisitions Team to work with you to sell your print or promotional businesses. We pair you with a qualified and experienced Franchise Owner capable of servicing and building your customer relationships. Our M&A Team assists you with:

    • Determining the value of your business
    • Due diligence and documentation
    • Ensuring a successful post-acquisition integration
    • Providing a generous pay-out based on existing and future business
    • Handling all the details from beginning to end at
      NO COST

    Do you want to sell your print or promotional business? Do you need help planning your company exit strategy? Complete the form below to discuss* your professional options with Proforma's Mergers & Acquisitions Team.

    First Name

    Last Name




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    * Proforma respects your possible need for discretion. All conversations and written communications are considered private and will not be shared without prior consent.