We offer one of the most extensive print media offerings with graphic design and global production & fulfillment capabilities.  Your printed media represents the perceived quality of your product and services.  From brochures, business collateral, catalogs, e-publications, folders, forms, and monthly magazine or newsletters, to packaging, point of purchase displays, signage, and vehicle wraps, we can help you to protect your brand integrity and communicate your brand messaging.
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  • e-Checks: Simplify the way that you pay employees and vendors with eChecks Pro.  This service is simple to implement, secure, and will save you money with each check you write.  Contact me to learn more and receive your first five checks FREE.
  • e-Publications Offer your printed collateral in an electronic format that allows you to engage with your audience and gain analytics to generate leads. 
  • Interactive Print:  Make your print collateral more engaging with solutions like this.  
  • Presentation Folders:  We offer folder, presentation materials, and packaging to meet almost any requirements that you may have.
  • Signage & Wide Format: View some of our capabilities and let our team help you to stand out from the crowd.

Promotional items are great tools that keep your brand front of mind and generate business.  By selecting creative high quality items that will be used frequently, your cost per impression can be lower than almost any other form of advertising.  We utilize exclusive solutions to identify trends and features for your target audience.  We also provide event & trade show exhibit space solutions that will drive traffic to you.

In a PPAI study they found that 76% of respondents recalled the name of the advertiser on a promotional product they had received, 55% said that they kept these items for more than a year, and nearly 50% said they used the items daily. Most branded items are kept where recipients spend most time; in the kitchen (91%), in their work space (74%), and even in their bedroom (55%).

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Exhibit & Display Products

Event Solutions

Promotional Ideas
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We can help your brand to stand out from all of the noise.   From automated marketing, smartphone applications for events or campaigns, and social media to website design, 3D animation, and video direct solutions, we want to be your trusted resource.

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Automated Marketing

–  Generate more leads that are better qualified and ready to buy and experience a great ROI of your marketing investments.    

Creative Work – View some of our team's graphic design, 3D animation, video, and website designs .
Video - View a sample our team's motion graphics video and live video capabilities for you next television commercial, web, or event campaign.  We provide a turnkey solution from design & concept, gaining the footage & graphics, to copywriting,  animation, and custom music.   
Mobile Marketing:  We offer a variety of plug and play mobile applications like Tag2Spin, as well as custom applications, web marketing, mobile sites and much more.  Your clients are on the go, your brand should be too.



Branded apparel communicates professionalism and the perceived quality of your products or services.  We offer solutions for almost any apparel requirements with finishing options to make your brand pop. From uniforms, athletic wear, athletics team uniforms, backpacks, and custom mascot, to robes, sport & golf bags, and towels we offer solutions that will meet your event and budget requirements.

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Apparel eStore I
Apparel eStore II


Recognition provides incentive, motivation, and helps to retain employees.  Many companies also utilize awards and promotional items to encourage participation in health & wellness and safety programs as well as recognize tenure.  We offer many solutions and want to help you to develop an incentive program that your employees will be excited about..




Custom Recognition
Custom Expression of a Brand
Employees Select Their Own Gift for Recognition & Achievement 

A Company sStore that is available from your intranet for employees to order marketing solutions will secure your brand integrity, provide consistent messaging, and streamline internal processes.  We provide turnkey solutions that can be implemented seamlessly and provide fulfillment and kitting to meet your requirements.

Your Brand eStore (sample)

You have built your business from the ground up or since taking over the business.  As you grew your business and achieved successes, developing an exit strategy may not have been a consideration.  Perhaps you are now ready to retire and enjoy the fruits of your labor or desire to exit the industry.  We invite you to partner with an industry leader so that we can help to develop a strategy that will continue your brand legacy providing great service and a greater portfolio of products and services.

Proforma is growing nationwide through acquisitions and merger development.  We provide a turnkey acquisition or merger for businesses that are the right fit.  If you are thinking of exiting the apparel, multimedia, printing, or promotional products industry, please contact me.  Please know that all conversations and inquiries will be confidential and your privacy respected.  We look forward to hearing from you.